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Frequently asked questions.........

How soon should I book my session? When is the best time of the year?

We tend to book up 4 weeks in advance. During late Summer and early Fall we can book up as early as 6-8 weeks.

Strain photographs all year long. Many prefer their session in the summer, whole others like fall or spring. 

Do we come to your studio?

We want your personal style to be reflected in your session locations and match your wardrobe to your surroundings. Brandy & Jackie photograph seniors, kids and families in our backlot from April to November as weather permits. Downtown Conway and nearby fields are also available. Just ask about this when scheduling your appointment.

What is your studio backlot?

Designed especially with portraits in mind, and our backlot park has something for everyone. Our huge lot is filled with sets, it has everything we need to create unique images you have been dreaming of. It's ALL in one place, full of textures driving from location to location. 


•Old Car

•Grunge Warehouse

•Front Porch

•Alley Door

•Ivy Courtyard

•Tall Grassy Areas

•Waterfall Garden

•Rustic Barn Scene

•Swimming Pool

•Sun Deck



•Industrial Sets

•Flowering Archway

•Classic and Simple Greenery

Everyone is so beautiful on your site....

You might actually be surprised how often Brandy & and Jackie hear that. Many of the seniors they photograph are nervous, and feel they won't be photogenic. At Strain, we believe there is something special about everyone we photograph. EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL!! One of their best talents is how to capture the beauty in everyone. Leave the posing & and lighting to the experts, relax, and enjoy the experience.

Will I be able to share my images on social media?

Strain can create a customized social media app for your smart phone and when purchased, you can share your images on Instagram, Facebook, and more. These are not in any way suitable for printing, only for sharing.

All images by Strain Photography are protected by the Federal Copyright Law. Which means even though you are the subject in the image, the photographer retains ownership. It is illegal to alter the images in any way. No cropping, editing, filters, scanning, copying (taking pictures of the photo) or any other wierd stuff.

What if it rains?

Strain photographs all seniors with a combination of indoor & and outdoor settings. Weather can play a role in your photo shoot. We never want to compromise your session and never take a chance, so if rain or heavy winds are in the forecast rescheduling to a different day that works with great weather is paramount.

I don't want to spend a lot of money. Can I still get good photos?

In all honesty, you get what you pay for. If your boss's cousin's best friend does photography for free, then your photos will look like your boss's cousin's best friend did them for free. If you are looking for quality, a great experience and peace of mind knowing you will have wonderfully good photos, then Strain Photography is your choice.

Seniors or families can spend as little as $500 up to $2900 on their portraits and products. 

Strain portrait collections have been designed based on what has been most popular for seniors over the years and were built with flexibility to fit perfectly with our seniors needs and wants.

We really want to make this work, do you have a payment plan?

Strain Photography accepts cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

Custom portraits are an investment you're making for your family and you should have the opportunity to work within your budget. Simple payment plans are available for orders over $700. More details are available by request.

We will not send photos to your school yearbook until your balance is paid in full.

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