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Cost of Portraits

Clients do not book with us because we are cheap.
Clients book with us to have the best portrait experience available to them and amazing images
to go along with it. We offer a wide variety of sessions varying from quick 30 minutes appointments
to 3 hour safari sessions. We will work together during your session to make sure you have stunning images to choose from. Where else do you get TWO PP of A Master Photographers working to make sure every detail is taken care of??? This is why we are the South's most awarded photography team.
We  make sure that anything we photograph is printed on the highest quality portrait papers and perfectly color balanced. We do provide you with free social media images of everything you purchase.
Our regular sessions range from $50-$200
Our print collections start at $200

Products we offer:
Wall Art in Canvas, Metal and Wood
Custom Albums\Custom framing 
Birth Announcements, Birthday Invites & Graduation Cards
Photo app for your smart phone
Photo Jewelry
and much more!

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